Forme Technologies’ reputation is built on achieving consistently superb quality on every project, no matter how unique, unusual or complex. It is why we are ISO 9001:2015 certified in quality management and have a commitment to continuous improvement embedded throughout our strategic process. While we are not ISO 13485 certified, we can work within the requirements of ISO 16485.

Our lean manufacturing processes support concept development, product development and equipment engineering, tool trials and testing, product validation, approval and documentation, value added post processing, and logistical support. At the heart of this process is what we call ‘from art to part’ – an ethos of achieving the highest standard at every stage of each project and matching it all with exceptional customer service.


At Forme Technologies we continuously invest in our facilities to ensure that we meet the exacting standards of our clients, we work with the best engineering materials available and our high performing staff are extremely versatile across all manufacturing processes.

  • Facilities

    Our facilities enable us to produce simple components using commodity plastics and intricate products using exotically engineered materials. We are known for delivering outstanding quality on both high and low volume batches.

    We currently operate 12 injection moulding machines that provide versatile capacity, from 35 metric tonnes for small, intricate plastic components to 450 metric tonnes for manufacturing larger parts. We have a number of machines that operate within an ISO Class 7 encapsulated environment. Over and above this, we operate an ISO 8 class clean room for manufacturing, metrology and research, and a steam chamber to condition hydroscopic materials such as nylon.

    Forme Technologies invests continually so our facilities always meet the exacting standards that our clients require – from concept to completion. For example, we recently installed the latest solar energy technologies across our operations. In addition to significant upgrades to our clean room, we now have sophisticated all-electric injection moulding capabilities and associated automation at a factory level.

    We also implemented a modern, high speed machining environment that enables us to build both prototype and low-volume tooling, and have installed LED lighting throughout our facilities. This means that more than half our operation is now powered by solar energy and conditioned by a new power factor correction system.

  • Materials

    Most products we develop require a high level of engineering input, which means specifying the best engineering materials available. As a result, we use very few commodity grade materials, to the extent that some materials are unique to us in Australia and imported specifically for our application. We are regular users and specifiers of materials that are either UL compliant, or conform to the ISO 10993 certification for medical or food applications.

    The materials we use include:
    PI – polyimide
    PEI – polyetherimide
    PEEK – polyetheretherketone
    PSU – polysulphone
    PC – polycarbonate
    PPO – polyphenyleneoxide
    PET-G – polyethylene terephalate (glycol modified)
    PMMA – polymethylmethacrylate (acrylic)
    POM – polyoxymethylene (acetal)
    ABS – acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
    PC-ABS – polycarbonate and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
    PP – polypropylene
    PE – polyethylene

  • People

    Every great business is only as good as the people who make it happen. We pride ourselves on our staff tenure record and have staff who have been with the business since it started.

    We are all proud that our teams are the best in the business. This is why everyone at Forme Technologies makes such effort to keep their knowledge current. With constant retraining and reskilling, our staff is extremely versatile and flexible across all our manufacturing processes.

    Clients appreciate the one-on-one dedication we provide. They know we like to get involved early on a project so we can add value to their product and solve problems before they arise.

    Because quality is central to our overall operations, it is also at the heart of every relationship we have – with staff, clients and industry colleagues. This is also why we maintain strong industry connections with leading associations, including:

    The Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL); Society of Plastic Engineers; Society of the Plastics Industry and Plastix ANZ


  • Medical Applications

    Human safety is central to any medical product or device. This is what informs the numerous standards associated with medical devices and our compliance to these standards. We are highly experienced with this requirement, whether it involves complying with particular GMPSs or implementing strict IQ OQ PQ procedures. We also cater to GMP requirements associated with a number of medical classes and operate within the expectations of the ISO18562 standard.

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  • Technology Applications

    Few people who use mobile phones, tablets, gaming stations or ECG units ever consider how their devices were conceived, developed, packaged or housed. That’s our job. We package devices into useable, practical and attractive housings that are cost effective, work well and look good.

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  • High Precision Applications

    We cater to successful businesses working across a broad range of value-adding sectors such as police and defence products, sport and leisure, hardware, nautical and aeronautical lighting, food processing and cosmetics.

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